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Benji's Blog!

Welcome to our blog! This is where we like to keep everyone up to date with the latest news, tips on how to have lots of fun with the kids, and share little tricks for creating more time to spend together. Come in and enjoy, we'd love to hear any of your comments as well so don't be shy!!

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Live from the very muddy National Ploughing Championships!

Tents, tents and more tents!
Hi everyone, this week’s blog is coming to you live form the National Ploughing Championships in New Ross, Co Wexford.  

As the biggest outdoor agricultural event in Europe it will attract 200,000 visitors over the 3 days, so with all those people around I just had to come.  Here I am sniffling and spluttering my way through the week with a stinker of a head cold battling mud, wet, cold and rain trying to tell everyone about Adam and his books.

Besides feeling a bit groggy it really is quite an experience. When I first arrived on Monday night to set up I felt I had entered a scene from an apocalyptic movie where aliens invaded the earth, and prepared a makeshift tented campus with flood lights & announcements over the PA system, ready to round up and contain all the humans. Really weird.

The kids would have lots of fun in this!
The buzz of excitement on day one, (yesterday), was quickly dampened by shocking weather of driving rain and freezing temperatures. The gloomy faces, most with their hair soaked and stuck to their faces, walked around with wet muddy boots, jeans and jackets. The mood however was temporally interrupted with giggles as a number of people slipped on the muddy floors, arms and legs all over the place, right in front of my stand despite repeated warnings of the dangers. Thankfully no one was injured.

I do wonder though if the lad I saw walking around in nothing more than a tee shirt is still alive or at best in bed with the flu today.

Another day, here we go again!
As the day came to a close everyone was happy to put the day behind them and get ready for day 2, but that was put on hold with a 2 hour traffic jam. We all waited patiently and tried to inch our way out of a field where thousands of cars were trying to squeeze through a single farm gate to an already blocked country lane.

So here we are on day 2 with less rain, a bit warmer and fewer sniffles so hopefully all goes well today.

With snifflly smiles going out to everyone this is Benji signing off till next week’s big surprise!

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